Women and CAREERS. TAKING Turns in marriage for career development.

Dual-career partnerships
I think now more than ever we see these happening. Both partners have great aspirations for their accomplishments when they meet. Marriage comes, and one supports the other and vice-versa over different seasons of life. It can be challenging and sometimes difficult when one of the two spouses steps a little to the side to let the other one shine and accomplish,!if things haven’t clearly and openly been discussed and agreed upon by both partners, as part of a long term strategy.
There is a time especially When children come in the picture that one of the partners spends more time with the baby most times into toddler years while the other pursues a career and provides financial stability. 
It is for all marriages to hope that it will all sort itself out in time and as seasons progress, but it is of utmost importance that both partners are aware of the fact that you are both indeed taking a turn. You must support each other fully and give the other his/her turn in return. It is only in this trust that we can work as a team and foster each other’s growth and satisfaction as individuals each step of the way. We must make choices that support our marriage and MUTUAL happiness OVER specific career positions and growth opportunities. 
With that, choices that are a win-win rather than a win-loose can be properly negotiated over the years. Generosity and a desire for the happiness of the other is at the heart of marriage and love, so these decisions must also reflect that ✨I wanna hear from you! 🤔how do you do it?

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