Holy Moly Moving is Purgatory on Earth!

HAHAHA! I know ridiculous and dramatic of me to say right?!

NO WAY JOSE!!!! ITS IS FREACKING SUPER TRUE GUYS! or at least a very realistic simulation.

After packing and loading a truck with your partner for almost 2 days in a row! with practically no sleep… all while taking care of a two year old…you would agree with me!

Geeez Louise! talk about breaking a sweat! I was in hell! #OhFork #thisisnotthegoodplace #Thebadplace

…it was eye opening…with all-over-bodily pain— and no end in sight… I noticed…that truly– what you are keeping in your storage…is killing you!…the extra chairs and furniture that you are holding on to just in case is stealing your peace!!!!

we don’t, or at least I didn’t! ever realize that whatever we bring to our space is stealing your time! you better love it if you’re going to let it! HEY! stay with me here!!!!!!


you know why??! cuz whether you love it or not…it is taking up your space…you gotta clean it and move it..your brain knows its there– and it is causing it anxiety!

even at a subconscious level, your brain 🧠 KNOWS -that stack of magazines you haven’t decided if you should throw out, AND all that mail piled in that cabinet or STUFFED in your kitchen drawer IS THERE, and it represents many postponed decisions. Even if you pretend you don’t see it— your body feels the anxiety. The uneasiness creates a background but constant anxiety you live in day in and day out.

I urge you my friend–rise above the clutter. Lets do this together…my gut tells me …attachment to possessions ain’t a joke.

In fact! this very Sunday August 4Th the readings captivated me and convinced me that God is speaking to me….and I better listen—Stay away from me cute baby toys and clothes! stay away from me gorgeous threshold Target home decor items! I will become stronger! I will resist you! little by little , I will learn to say no to most and say yes to the things I will truly love and truly belong in my life.